Operation Roundup®

Operation Roundup® is a voluntary assistance program funded by about 67% of DEMCO members who voluntarily agree to "round up" their monthly utility bill to the nearest dollar to assist the elderly, disabled, and other needy individuals and families.

DEMCO members participating in the program pay an average of .50 cents each month to fund Operation Roundup® which averages $6.00 per year per member. This monthly contribution can be as small as one penny, but is never more than 99 cents. For example, if an actual bill is $76.85, it will be rounded up to $77.00. This extra .15 cents, together with extra cents from other DEMCO members, adds up fast - and makes a world of difference to someone in need. 

Operation Roundup® began in South Carolina and is now used throughout the southeastern United States by electric utilities to improve the quality of life in their local community. The program is administered through the DEMCO Foundation and is governed by a nine-person board of directors composed of area civic and community leaders.

For more information concerning Operation Roundup® please call (225) 262-2141 or send an e-mail to roundup@demco.org.