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DEMCO Response to COVID-19

DEMCO lobbies remain closed until further notice. Drop boxes remain open at all district office locations.

DEMCO offers online and mobile app access to view your account and pay your bill at any time, day or night - seven days a week. Visit DEMCO.org and also download the free DEMCO mobile app for Apple and Android phones.

  • DEMCO member services call center is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
  • DEMCO offers non-touch payment methods 24/7/365 at DEMCO.org, through our free mobile app., and via the automated phone system 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626).
  • DEMCO encourages members to pay what they can as they can, and to call us if a payment arrangement is needed at 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626) (select option 2 then option 3 for automated arrangements).
  • DEMCO continues to work on new services, but will not energize permanent services unless a permit has been granted. DEMCO will energize temporary services if the appropriate government entity has waived the permit requirement, and the temporary service meets DEMCO guidelines. New services are currently being drawn and installed by DEMCO. We insist that our employees do not have any face to face meetings with the public.

How do I set up my DEMCO online account?

DEMCO members may register and log in for online account access at DEMCO.org.

View ‘My Usage’ button to see your latest kWh usage, meter readings, and due dates all in one convenient place. Setting up an account is quick and easy. You must have your account number and an email address to register You can activate bill alerts, and access your account information from anywhere at any time -- giving you the power to become more energy-aware, use less energy, and save money.

To register or Log In go to DEMCO.org  “My DEMCO Account” (type your Account number in the ‘User ID’ field) 

Your account number is printed on your bill. You must enter this number to access information on this site. If the account number on your bill is 12345-001, you should enter either 12345 or 12345001; do not include the dash.

If you forgot your account password, enter your user id (account number) and the last four digits of your home telephone number. If we have an e-mail address on record for you, then your password will be e-mailed to you when you click Submit. Or call Member Services to assist you at 1-844-My-DEMCO (1-844-693-3626).

How can I pay my bill?

DEMCO offers many convenient ways to pay your energy bill any time day or night!

Visit DEMCO.org/member-services/payment-options

Online: Use your DEMCO member-account to easily and securely pay your electric bill in real time.

Bank Draft: Set up monthly bank draft to automatically pay your total bill from your bank account on the same date each month. There are no add-on fees when you pay using the bank draft method. You will continue to receive an electric bill each month for your records and your bank statement will reflect the amount paid.

By Phone: Call 1-844-MY-DEMCO (1-844-693-3626), option 2 to use our interactive voice response system. Payments can be made over the phone conveniently and safely by using a credit/debit card or e-check

Mobile App: Whether you’re at home, work or on the go, the mobile app gives you fast, secure access to make payments, manage your account details, view your bill and account balance, view and report outage information, and more. Download the free app today at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Auto Pay: Sign up to pay your bill automatically with a Credit or Debit card on the same date each month.

There is a convenience fee applied for 2.5% of your payment amount for all credit/debit card payments and card information is stored safely and securely; you will receive a paper copy of your bill when using this payment method.

U.S.Postal Service – Mail to: DEMCO, Dept. 1340, P.O. Box 2153, Birmingham, AL 35287-1340

What is DEMCO doing about disconnects?

DEMCO will always have compassion and put our members first… We will be more than happy to work with members in difficult times whether the challenges are community-wide or specific to one member. DEMCO’s process for making temporary arrangements can be made through our automated phone system for the convenience of our members at 1-844-MyDEMCO. Moreover our DEMCO foundation - funded by DEMCO members for DEMCO members - is an organization that has helped many members in their times of need. To learn more about the DEMCO foundation visit DEMCO.org/Community.

How can members get up-to-date information from DEMCO?

Download the free mobile app available for Apple and Android phones

Follow us on social media – we are on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

Will DEMCO continue to take applications for new service?

DEMCO will continue to process requests for new services.

Members can apply online at DEMCO.org/member-services or by calling 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626).

How do I submit my required paperwork/documents needed to connect my service?

Members may submit their lease, identification, proof of payment, etc. using the DEMCO online portal at https://demco.hostedftp.com/~DEMCO

I usually drive-thru or visit a district office to pay my bill. How do I make a payment now?

You can pay your bill any time, day or night, seven days a week:

  • Visit DEMCO.org to view your account, pay your bill, report and view outages, and to request
  • For helpful voice-response member-services, call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626).
  • For cell phone users, download the free DEMCO mobile app for Apple and Android phone.
  • Learn about energy-saving tips that can help you save money at Energy Use and Your Billl
  • Review our page ‘Response to COVID-19’ for information and answers to FAQs.

How can I tell if it’s DEMCO calling me or someone pretending to be DEMCO?

DEMCO will never call you or email you to request or demand a payment. Just hang up or delete and block future calls and emails from that person. If you want to report this to us, call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626).

If I can’t pay my bill because I am not getting a paycheck, will DEMCO cut off my service?

DEMCO has temporarily suspended service disconnections.

We encourage members to pay what they can as they can, and to call us to work out a payment arrangement - 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626)  or log in to My Account.

How do I apply for service with all the virus precautions?

What if there is an outage right now?

Our crews are considered essential and are permitted to continue necessary work such as outage restoration.

I got a weird phone call claiming to be from DEMCO. What should I do?

Scammers are everywhere and are working even in times like these.  If at any time you feel like a caller has reached out to you and their requests seem a little off, hang up and give us a call.  When you call our number 844-My-DEMCO, you know you have reached the real DEMCO.

When do you anticipate reopening your offices?

We will continue to comply with the requests and orders of the authorities.  

In the meantime, this is a great chance for you to explore other convenient methods to pay your bill and conduct other business without having to drive to a DEMCO office.  

We certainly want to visit with you, but we can save a tremendous amount of time and money when more members utilize our more convenient methods of doing business.

What kind of help is there to help low income members with their energy bill?

The Louisiana Housing Corporation offers information on the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), a federally funded program that helps low-income households with their home energy bills.

The LIHEAP program may provide bill payment assistance and/or energy crisis assistance.

Household income determines the minimum requirements for energy assistance. Availability to LIHEAP is not guaranteed. There may be other eligibility requirements.

Visit https://www.lhc.la.gov/energy-assistance to learn more.