Energy Use and Your Bill

Beginning with the August 2021 electric bill, the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is much higher due to a significant increase in the cost of wholesale power. This increase in power costs is solely due to power generation decisions made by our wholesale power supplier, CLECO Power.

CLECO Power is also continuing to bill DEMCO for costs associated with winter storm Uri earlier this year. DEMCO's distribution costs are virtually the same from month to month. The cost of wholesale power, which is 60-65 percent of your electric bill, is a cost that fluctuates each month and is passed through to our members from CLECO power. 

The resources provided below can help you lower your energy consumption and your bill. 

Saving Energy - Quick Tips – Check out these energy efficiency tips & more by clicking an image below.

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An excellent way to help manage your monthly bill is by signing up for Budget Billing, also called Levelized Billing. This program is designed to bill an amount approximately equal to your monthly average, which helps you avoid seasonal variations in your electric bill. It does not reduce your monthly bill, but it helps you manage your budget because the monthly bill based on your annualized monthly average. This billing program helps avoid spikes month to month. Click the tab below for more information and to sign up!