DEMCO Damage Assessment

Tue, 08/31/2021

Greenwell Springs, Louisiana – Assessment continues throughout DEMCO service territories, and the damage is more extensive than reported yesterday. Extensive damage to transmission poles and substation transformers mean that power cannot be distributed.

“Restoration will be a weeks long effort,” says Randy Pierce, CEO and general manager.

DEMCO assessment reports damage to 60 transmission poles are down as well as over 300 three-phase poles, which affects an estimated 60,000-80,000 members.

“Powering up following a weather incident happens the same way every time,” says Mark Phillips, director of operations. “The order of restoring power is by function, not by choice.”

Step one is to repair transmission lines which supply power to substations. Each large transmission pole serves up to 15 thousand members. After transmission towers are back up, attention shifts to the substations. Repairs at this level are necessary in order for power to be distributed. Restoration to the distribution system happens next, distribution poles and main distribution lines, which service critical infrastructure such as hospitals, water towers and sewer treatment plants.

“There’s a lot of major work that has to happen before line crews can get to repairing lateral taps which branch from the main lines that serve the streets and neighborhoods.”

Current outages 85013:

Ascension - 12564

East Baton Rouge - 24594

East Feliciana - 5715

Livingston - 33605

St. Helena - 5178

Tangipahoa - 626

West Feliciana - 2716

“We realize this isn’t news that people want to hear, but it is the reality of damage from a major weather event,” says David Latona, vice president of marketing and member services.