DEMCO Restoration Update

Mon, 10/12/2020

Greenwell Springs, LA - Crews have restored power to 35,000+ meters since the height of the storm on Saturday, October 10, 2020. About 4% or 4,900 meters remain without power and require significant and/or individual repair efforts.


A workforce of over 250 are in the field to repair damages and restore power, and others are working behind the scene to coordinate materials, machinery, crew schedules and manpower.


Late yesterday, parish personnel were able to clear all areas that had debris blocking roadways, which opened access for DEMCO to assess damage down roads off of main highways – roads that were impassable until that occurred.  This clearance now allows our crews to get to these areas with machinery and resources to make repairs and restore power.


The Tunica substation is back on and crews are working the feeders out of Tunica, so the number of outages will drop rapidly throughout the day.  The Clinton metering point is also back on which will help us restore power back to an estimated 2,000 today and tomorrow.


In East and West Feliciana parishes, a lot of hunting camps are affected. Since those taps are in very rural areas, it will take additional time to get the equipment such as off road equipment, diggers and bucket trucks into those areas to make repairs and restore power. 


At this time, restoration progress can be seen from moment to moment on the DEMCO outage map, with power coming on each minute! Visit to restoration progress.