When you sign up for paperless billing statements, you can say goodbye to the monthly clutter of another paper bill in the mail. Instead, your statement will be emailed to you.

Why go Paperless?

E-bills reduce clutter. Enjoy one less piece of mail to sort through, one less bill on the counter and one less piece of trash to manage.

Save time and hassle. Save time sorting through mail and bills when everything is available on your computer or mobile device. If you use the free DEMCO mobile app, you can request a push notification to let you know your E-bill is ready to view online.

You’ll help the earth. According to the website, converting just one paper bill and statement, each month for three years, saves one pound of paper, 10 gallons of water, one gallon of gasoline and 44 pounds of greenhouse gases.

Enroll today in paperless billing and receive your statements electronically.

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