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DEMCO Foundation

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***The DEMCO Foundation Office sustained a tremendous amount of damage.  As we continue to serve the members we ask that all applications for assistance be made through the electronic format.  To begin the application process click here.  We have established a temporary location and are equipped to process applications.  Our contact information remains the same.
For those effected by the recent flooding event, applications for emergency assistance are being accepted at this time.  To apply for emergency assistance, the application is the same.  If you should have further questions regarding the process, please contact the DEMCO Foundation Office at the number below.***
The DEMCO Foundation was created in 1997 as a non-profit charitable organization subsidiary of DEMCO. DEMCO takes great pride in the program, as it allows our members to give back to the community. Funds for the DEMCO Foundation are raised through a program called Operation Roundup®. Contributions average $6.00 per year per member. Since its inception, the DEMCO Foundation has awarded over $5,000,000 in assistance to DEMCO members in their times of need.
If you would like additional information on DEMCO Foundation, please contact:

David Latona
Manager, Member and Public Relations
16262 Wax Road
P.O.Box 15659
Baton Rouge, La. 70895
Phone: (225) 262-3073
Fax: (225) 261-0766
Email: davidl@demco.org

Chanon M. Johnson
DEMCO Foundation, Case Manager
16262 Wax Road
P.O.Box 15659
Baton Rouge, La. 70895
Phone: (225) 262-2141
Email: chanonm@demco.org