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Payment Options

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DEMCO makes the process of paying your energy bill more convenient with online bill pay. You can better manage your monthly payments by signing up for DEMCO’s Bankdraft option, so your bill will always be paid on time. You can also pay online using an e-check or credit card.  

DEMCO's BankDraft program gives you the convenience of paying your energy bill without the hassle of writing a check. Simply click here and submit the information requested. Within 45 days, DEMCO will begin deducting the amount you owe for your monthly electric bill directly from your checking account.  You will continue to receive your DEMCO bill statement each month. The notation "to be drafted" will appear on your bill. The BankDraft service will electronically debit your checking account on the bill's due date for the total amount you owe. Your BankDraft payment will be listed on your monthly checking account statement, just as if you've written a check yourself. This is your proof of payment.  If your automatic transfer is returned to DEMCO due to insufficient funds, you may be charged an additional fee. Your automatic payment service with DEMCO may be canceled if two payments within a 12-month period are returned for any reason.  If you have a discrepancy with your bill, contact DEMCO before your automatic payment is drafted.  

Sign up for DEMCO's BankDraft program now!   

For more information on the program, call our Customer Service Center at (225) 261-1177 or (800) 262-1170.

For a listing of payment locations, click here.