Business Development

Today many companies talk about economic and business development, but this is not a new philosophy at DEMCO.

Since 1938, DEMCO has focused on working with residential and commercial developers to help shape the communities of our seven-parish region.  We understand that each community is unique and that businesses, subdivisions, jobs and commerce will vary accordingly.  DEMCO understands the people who live in the communities we serve, because we live there too.  

We value community and appreciate that new business and new development translates into new jobs, a stronger local economy, and an improved quality of life for our friends, families and neighbors.

DEMCO remains steadfast in our commitment to existing and new partnerships that ensure economic development, more jobs, and a brighter future. For prospective businesses and industries, DEMCO offers a full-time staff of business development, engineering, and operational professionals to provide value-added services to promote economic growth in our service area.  

If you are planning to develop or expand an existing facility, a new residential subdivision or a commercial facility, let our business development staff be your liaison to one of Louisiana's finest electric cooperatives, DEMCO. We also keep a database of available buildings and sites in our service territory.  

Center: Heather Verrett 
Business Development Manager
(o): 225.262.2890 (c): 225.397.1591

Left: Penny Fruge 
Business Development Specialist
(o): 225.262.2891 (c): 225.341.9984

Right: Hannah Watts  
Business Development Coordinator
(o): 225.262.2890 (c): 225.3964.7111


Business Development Team L to R: Penny Fruge, Heather Verrett, Hannah Watts