Application for Assistance

To apply for assistance from the DEMCO Foundation, interested individuals are required to complete a thorough application form and return it with all required information. 

To expedite the processing of your application, please submit your application and documentation online whenever possible. Documentation can be submitted using the following secure link, applications and supporting documentation sent via mail or dropped at district offices may take longer to process. 

Once the application is reviewed and verified by a Community Relations Coordinator, additional documentation may be requested by email. A home visit will be scheduled after all required documentation has been received by our office. After conducting the home visit, the Community Relations Coordinator prepares an assessment for presentation before the DEMCO Foundation Board of Directors, who meet each month. The board will then vote on whether or not to fund or not fund each request, and the member relations representative will relay the decision to the applicant.  


DEMCO members in need are eligible to apply for funding of up to $2,500. An individual can receive a maximum of $2,500 through the DEMCO Foundation per calendar year.

The DEMCO Foundation will not pay utility bills nor grant money to political issues, candidates or campaigns. No funds are given directly to the applying individual. Only individuals who are DEMCO members, not groups or organizations, are eligible for funding.

Description of Projects

Through the DEMCO Foundation, members in need can receive assistance for various needs. Examples of some types of assistance granted are:

  • Shelter (rent payments, mortgage payments, etc.)
  • Repairs and maintenance on homes
  • Pharmacy and medical supplies
  • Special assistance in emergencies*
  • School Uniform Program

*The DEMCO Foundation defines an emergency as any natural disaster such as flooding, tornado, house fire, etc.

If you would like to apply for assistance, click here to download an application form or contact the DEMCO Foundation office at (225) 262-2141.